What we stand for?

The developers’ vision includes 350 residences, a 50-bed hotel, 6-storey apartment blocks and a 140 bed retirement home. A small village green is included in the designs, along with a café, but there’s little to no public parking, and with this sort of high density housing there will be minimal space for outsiders to feel welcome.

The current infrastructure at Shelly Bay is not adequate for the development, and 50% of the cost of upgrading water, sewerage, storm water, gas, power, network cables, seawalls and pathways along the 2.5km of roading will be met by ratepayers. Those costs have not been accurately quantified by the developer, nor the Wellington City Council, but they will be upwards of $20 million and very likely much higher.

These costs will mean that Wellington ratepayers will likely still be paying for this development long after the developer has gone. Construction will take up to 13 years. That’s 13 years of construction traffic that travels the 2.5klm between Miramar Ave and Shelly Bay.

Traffic will increase from the current 1,200 vehicles a day to 4,700 cars and trucks a day. This means cyclists will have to share the narrow 6 metre road width with construction trucks and hotel traffic, on a road which is not only a destination route for all Wellington cyclists, but arguably the jewel in the cycling crown.

There will be a 1.5 metre footpath the length of Shelly Bay Road, but there will be no parking along the 2.5 kilometre stretch between Miramar Wharf and Shelly Bay – so if you wish to continue to swim, picnic or fish at the beaches on this road, you’ll have to walk there.

"The proposed development will completely change the natural character of the area."

The Shelly Bay development is stage one of a larger plan to build private dwellings around the Mt Crawford prison further up the hill. More than 300 apartments, townhouses and luxury homes have been proposed for there –there is a proposed third development of luxury homes further north on the reserve at Watts Peninsula.

The proposed development will completely change the natural character of the area. Wellingtonians stand to lose a public recreation space, currently accessible to all us all, and instead a proposed development, privatised for a wealthy few. We believe areas Shelly Bay should remain a recreational space for everyone. It certainly needs some development to stop it further deteriorating, but is this huge housing complex the right mix for this space?

Public submissions on Shelly Bay close on August 14th. Please take some time to read the information on this site, and make your voice heard at: